How does an infrared sauna blanket work?

How does an infrared sauna blanket work? Are you not yet familiar with a sauna blanket? It is the latest development in the health life world and in the field of saunas. It is the alternative to an infrared sauna cabin.

The Flamengo infrared sauna blanket does the same as an infrared sauna cabin. The same infrared technology is used, but incorporated into a high-quality blanket. In fact, we are convinced that this infrared blanket can be even better for you.

We would like to explain how a Flamengo infrared sauna blanket works.

What is a Flamengo sauna blanket?

A Flamengo sauna blanket is an infrared sauna variant. A blanket made up of several layers containing infrared lamps, as we know from an infrared sauna cabin.

What is the difference with an infrared sauna cabin?

The same infrared technology is used in the Flamengo sauna blanket as in the cabins. So the infrared sauna effect is the same. The difference? You lie in a comfortable blanket in contrast to the often wooden and somewhat uncomfortable cabins.

How does the Flamengo infrared sauna blanket work?

step 1.

Choose a comfortable place

Place the sauna blanket on a (heat-resistant) surface and ensure that you are comfortable.

Tip: Grab a pillow for your head so that it is well supported.
In terms of surface, think of a bed or yoga mat.

step 2.

Turn on your blanket

Have you found a place where you can relax in your sauna blanket? Then set the temperature as desired via the handheld transmitter. You can set the temperature between 35 and 75 degrees. Also set the time to a maximum of 1 hour.

step 3.

Time to get in

Wear comfortable, cotton clothing. Would you rather go without clothes? Then use the Flamengo towel insert. Then lie down in the Flamengo infrared blanket and close the blanket with the Velcro closure. The shoulders are also covered with the shoulder covers.

Step 4.

Start enjoying

After this all you have to do is enjoy. Close your eyes and relax. Read a book, listen to your favorite music or set up a meditation session. Or just do nothing at all. Get into an absolute zen mode.

step 4A.

During your session

Do you want to change the temperature because you want it a little warmer? Or is the temperature a bit too hot? Easily adjust the temperature (or time) via the handheld transmitter.

step 5.

End of your session

After the set time has elapsed, the blanket will switch off automatically.
Want to stop earlier in the meantime? That is of course no problem. You can switch off the blanket via the power button.

step 6.

Clean in no time

Let the blanket cool down for a while. Your towel insert (or clothing) will have absorbed most of your sweat. This will make cleaning your blanket a snap. You can clean any remaining moisture with a damp cloth.

step 7.

Easy to store

Fold your blanket and place it in the included Flamengo carrying bag. Store your portable infrared sauna.

You are probably looking forward to relaxing in your own private sauna again soon.

Why Flamengo infrared sauna blanket?

Frequent visits to an infrared sauna can be a costly affair. In addition, you probably don't always feel like or have the time to go out.

An infrared cabin at home, on the other hand, is very expensive. And the question is whether you have the space for that.

So we have found something about that at Flamengo.
We have designed the ultimate sauna blanket in collaboration with companies in America and Australia. More comfortable, compact and portable. This way you can benefit from the benefits of the sauna, right from home.

Our sauna blanket is equipped with the most advanced technologies, giving you an absolutely high-end product. And that, for an affordable price.