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Flamengo infrared sauna blanket

Flamengo infrared sauna blanket

A complete infrared sauna experience

Are you ready to add the Flamengo infrared sauna blanket to your lifestyle?

Visiting the sauna regularly is wonderful. After a day of wellness, you step outside completely recharged and full of energy.

You sleep better and feel reborn the next day. Unfortunately, using a sauna is expensive and takes a lot of time. Do you want to enjoy that wonderful sauna moment every day?

Treat yourself to the luxury of the Flamengo infrared sauna blanket!

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Package contents

- Flamengo infrared sauna blanket with remote control
- Instructions for use (Dutch)
- Flamengo carrying/storage bag
- (optional) Flamengo insert towel


Dimensions: 180cm x 90cm
Material: vegan leather
Temperature: 35-75 degrees
Time options: max. 60 minutes
Colour black
Weight: 8 kilograms
Foldable: yes
Wattage: 600W
Certification: CE
Handheld transmitter : 2 meters of wire
Infrared : FIR (long wave infrared) 6-14UM
Heat zone: 1 heat zone - heated 360 degrees

Shipping & returns

Free shipping and returns

Delivery within 1 to 2 working days

Return within 30 days


1 year product warranty

Try for 30 days

We have confidence in the Flamengo sauna blanket and are convinced that you will be enthusiastic.

That's why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with the sauna blanket, it is possible to return the Flamengo blanket free of charge within 30 days.

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What is an infrared sauna blanket?

The infrared sauna blanket is a new development within the sauna world. For a number of years, this '' Sauna Blanket '' has been one of the greatest HealthLife trends in the USA, Australia and the UK.

This trend is also growing in the Netherlands. With the help of the companies in these continents, Flamengo has developed the best infrared sauna blanket on the European market.

Experience all the benefits of the sauna, such as in an infrared sauna cabin. The same infrared technology, but then processes in your own infrared blanket from Flamengo.

Lie down in the Flamengo infrared sauna and enjoy your own private sauna.

  • ''Really a top product''

  • "Quality-wise one of the best sauna blankets (the Apple among infrared sauna experiences)"

  • ''Best luxury choice''

  • Now also on Amazon

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How do you use the Flamengo sauna blanket?

step 1.

Lay down and set

Place the blanket in a comfortable place such as a bed, couch or yoga mat. Plug in and set the desired temperature and time via the handheld transmitter. You can already snuggle up in your blanket. As soon as you press the start button, the blanket immediately starts heating up.

Step 2.

Lie down and enjoy

Lie down in the blanket and enjoy your sauna session. The blanket ensures that you are fully heated by the infrared technology. With temperature options from 35 to 75 degrees you will relax, while you are going to sweat.

*The flamengo insert towel ensures that your sweat is collected. No insert towel? Use loose cotton clothing.

Step 3.

Easy to use

Clean the blanket easily, thanks to the waterproof material. Fold the blanket and place in the supplied Flamengo carrying bag. Enjoy all the effects of your sauna session.

On to the next session!

Benefits Flamengo infrared sauna blanket

  • Detox the body

    Sweat out the toxins, burn calories and boost your immune system.

  • Relax & unwind

    Less stress, more relaxation. Enjoy your own moment of relaxation.

  • Skin care effect

    Improve the condition of your skin. A positive effect on skin texture, smoothness and complexion.

  • Optimize blood circulation

    Optimal blood circulation improves the health and vitality of the entire body.

  • Muscle and joint recovery

    Promote recovery of muscles and joints. Make the muscles and joints flexible again.

  • Have a wonderful night's sleep

    Fall asleep effortlessly and get a deeper sleep. Wake up feeling wonderfully rested.

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  • The number 1 sauna blanket

    Exceptional comfort and an optimal sauna experience, thanks to maximum effort and thorough dedication to this exclusive sauna blanket.

    And this makes it the only sauna blanket that can compete with the infrared sauna cabin.

  • Luxurious vegan leather layer

    The SGS certified fire-resistant vegan leather layer has been developed with craftsmanship. Premium quality, antibacterial, guaranteed durability and with a refined and luxurious appearance.

  • Refined iso-cotton

    The refined insulating cotton layer is breathable and has protection against overheating. This ultra-thick layer has excellent insulating properties and ensures maximum comfort.

  • Japanese infrared technology

    Experience the ultimate sauna experience, thanks to advanced infrared technology from Japan with ultra low EMF. With 36,000 carefully distributed carbon-fiber infrared elements, the 360º even FIR infrared heat (6-14UM) is achieved.

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Why the Flamengo infrared sauna blanket?

Do you want to buy an infrared sauna blanket, but are you unsure which one?
At Flamengo you order the best sauna blanket on the market.

The Flamengo infrared sauna blanket has been developed for years by a team of specialists.
It contains the most advanced technologies and is made of high-quality materials, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

✓ Eco-leather/vegan leather
✓ Max. heat preservation
✓ Quality materials
✓ 360 degree body coverage
✓ Adjustable time (5-60 minutes)
✓ Comfortable, safe and waterproof
✓ Advanced infrared technology
✓ Shoulder covers for extra heat retention
✓ Short heating time and temperature up to 75 degrees


Multiple Olympic hockey champion

''I really experience all the positive effects just like I experienced them in the sauna. Maybe it's even better... it saves me a trip back and forth and therefore quite a bit of time and I can also use the blanket whenever I want."

Jeroen Burken


''I have noticed that many of my patients experience significant relief from muscle pain and stiffness by regularly using infrared saunas. It really seems to contribute to their recovery. My patients respond very positively to this form of sauna, and I can highly recommend it.”

Carlijn Achtereekte

Olympic speed skating champion

''After a tough race or a cold training day, I look forward to warming up and recovering in my Flamengo infrared sauna blanket...
It contributes to my recovery so that I am fit again the next day for the next training.🚴🏻‍♀️''

Not good = money back

Are you not satisfied with the sauna blanket? Let us know.
We offer you a money back guarantee.

We are convinced of the quality of our product and would like to introduce you to it.

Enjoying your own private sauna at home is within reach with an infrared blanket.

How do I clean the Flamengo sauna blanket?

Cleaning is very easy. You wear the sauna blanket with loose-fitting cotton clothing. Would you rather go without clothes? Then add the Flamengo towel insert to your order.

The clothing or towel insert ensures that most of the moisture you lose is absorbed.

If some moisture still gets on the waterproof layer, you can easily clean it with a damp cloth.

What is the difference between an infrared sauna cabin and the Flamengo sauna blanket?

The same infrared technology (FIR) is used for the Flamengo sauna blanket, which is also used in infrared sauna cabins. The same experience, but lying in the blanket.

Customer Reviews

Based on 93 reviews
A compact infrared sauna for home or on the road.

I knew the satisfying effect of infrared sauna through the visit to Sauna & Wellnes. Unfortunately this is also costly and time -consuming. To install a sauna wall/hut at home, we have no place, and even more expensive! So when I saw this flamengo blanket pass by, this seemed worth trying. And am now very satisfied with it. It helps very well to prevent/reduce muscle & joint pains after (serious) efforts. You really get a sauna effect and the whole is easy to clean and store afterwards (take some space). I hope to be able to enjoy it for a long time.

Monique Boeijen
Very nice

Good quality! The infrared radiation is very pleasant and easy to adjust in terms of temperature and time.

Lida Aardenburg

I am very happy with it. Nice after exercise, just half a half in the bag. Music on, completely good

Optimize your sauna experience

Optimize your sauna experience, with extra comfort and convenience, in the flamengo sauna blanket with the 100% cotton flamengo inlay towel.

Flamengo inlay towel